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Sheppard Software is founded by game designer/programmer Brad Sheppard, who has been creating educational software since 1982. Now, a small group of people run that include Sheppard, a web designer, a voice talent, an educational consultant, a flash programmer and a software consultant. Their goal is to create online games and educational software that makes learning “fun,” and that exercises a child’s brain through challenging games. is considered the biggest free children’s educational game center for a reason. Here are several reasons why:

Sheppard Software has a wide collection of activities for all ages. Preschool and Kindergarten will be able to learn about numbers, alphabet, animals, shapes and colors. Other activities for young children include animal flashcards, puzzles, matching games, painting, geography lessons, movies and instructions how to create games. Games for elementary students will get a kick of the games in store for them, with subjects ranging from math games to nutrition, grammar games to geography, brain teasers and seasonal activities, science and animals, health lessons, USA-focused activities such as state facts and history, creating movies and games, painting activities, puzzles and many more.

High school students have less options, but SheppardSoftware games can make chemistry, geography, science and preparing for the SAT more enjoyable. The website also has activities for college students, helping them memorize medical terms, learn advanced geography and enhance skills through puzzles and brainteasers. Adults will also love the Math Mahjong, solitaire and memory games. Of course, it’s never too late to relearn subjects such as the animal kingdom and advanced geography.

Extensive Educational Resource – Several categories are featured on the top of the website, USA, World, Animals, Language Arts, Health, Science, Math, Preschool and Brain.  A “For Kids” section that has lessons on Animals, Nutrition, Seasons and USA is also listed on the top of the page.

  • USA – The Kid’s Corner version of USA Games are more age appropriate and includes an introduction of USA seasons, landmarks, national parks, cities and states, regions and history. The advanced USA version has tutorials in Capitals, States and landscapes that mark “beginner,” “advanced” and “explorer,” “geographer” and “master geographer” to indicate the level of difficulty for each game.
  • World – This section allows kids to choose from a particular region (Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, The Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, and Central & South America. Each region includes three types of games – one to learn all about the capitals, the next discusses countries part of that region and landscapes. These tutorials are great to prepare middle school and high school students with geography tests.
  • Animals – The SheppardSoftware Animal section has tons of information and games that can help anyone learn about all the types of birds, fishes, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Kids can also check out the animals in alphabetical order or discover special topics, such as evolution, ape vs. monkey, freaky animals, dangerous animals and more.  The Kid’s Corner version includes painting activities and games that teach the animal food chain, animal diet and all about classifying animals.
  • Language Arts – This section has a wide range of tutorials and lessons on vocabulary, grammar, technical words and medical jargon, context clues, and sections to help students with SAT & GRE vocabulary. Sheppard Software also included several word games in this section, such as ABC scramble, letter blocks, the classic hangman and crossword puzzles.
  • Health – After teaching about fitness, medical terminologies, and health problems such as arrhythmia, heart disease, stroke, and cancer, quizzes are available for kids to master the subjects.
  • Science – The Sheppard Software science section has information and games about the dinosaurs, life cycles, sea creatures, animals, cells (animal, plant and bacteria), chemical elements, astronomy, and seasons.
  • Math – The math section is divided into levels, from early math (k-2) to pre-algebra. Depending on the level of education, kids can learn all about the basics (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication), time, currency, mixed math operations, fractions, measurement, and algebra through fun age-appropriate games.
  • Brain – This section has over 50 games that are designed to stimulate the brain. is completely free to use. The website earns money by serving advertisements and running the online store, which includes items such as wall clocks, kid’s and adult clothing, magnets, stickers, pins, mugs, calendars, mouse pads, and tote bags. Sheppard Software also has programs/games for sale priced at $14.99 (for 10 programs and 9 free via download) or $19.99 for 10 programs on CD-ROM.

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