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Developed in 2002 by math teacher Colleen King for her students in class, Math Playground has turned into an extensive resource for kids to learn mathematical equations, enhance problem-solving skills, and be acquainted with real world math in an enjoyable atmosphere. offers several types of content – online math games, word problems, logic puzzles, and math videos – all handpicked for middle school and high school kids.

  • Math Games – The games featured on MathPlayground seems easy, but they are all pretty challenging. Since the math games for kids were designed to keep brains challenged, Math Playground offers a wide variety of games that deal with math topics like ratio and proportion, transformations, comparing fractions, algebraic reasoning, and pre-algebra. Kids will also learn all about angles and velocity, multiplication, area and perimeter, decimals, graph linear equations, fractions, decimals, percentage, equivalent fractions, multiplication, multiples, number operations, coordinates, number bonds, math and art, programming as well as other general math knowledge.

Math Playground the way of playful math learningThe Math Apprentice,’s most popular online math game, is a game with several mini-games that discuss a special math topic with each game. Doodles teach transformations, scale/proportion, tessellations, while Game pro focuses on Pythagorean theorem, geometry, maps/grids. Wheelworks is a game that helps in mastering shapes and angles, gear ratio, wheel geometry, performance measurements, while Sweet Treat Cafe works on a child’s knowledge on proportions, unit cost/price comparison, converting units of measure. Spacelogic deals with speed and distance, Builders focuses on trapezoid, parallelograms and other quadrilaterals, Adventure Rides teaches slope, loops, speed, calculus and Trigon Studios has a mix of algebra, trigonometry, calculus and beyond.

  • Word Problems – This section takes word problems into enjoyable examples, such as the Grand Slam Math that helps kids solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems through baseball. Other word problem activities are categorized by grade level. Like the Grand Slam Math, “Word Problems with Katie” and “Hoops” are for students Grades 2 to 5. “Thinking Blocks” helps Grade 2 to 7 students master math basics with ratios and blocks that help kids create the math problems themselves. This section also offers a math tutorial for SAT, perfect for Grades 7+ students.
  • Logic Puzzles – These math games for kids gathered for Math Playground’s ‘Logic Puzzles’ section successfully teaches kids math concepts without them realizing. Games like Sudoku, mancala, sliding block,  battle ship, coin weighing, tangrams, Rubik’s cube, connect 4, Tetra Squares, Hexagon, IQ, Switch It, Hare and Hounds, Sliders, Tower Puzzle, Triplets, Fiver and Tactics are good educational games that keep a child’s mind challenge without them getting bored with pure numbers and equations.
  • Math Videos – The videos under the name “How To Do (Almost) Anything In Math” is created with a classroom blackboard in mind and real-looking handwriting that explains various math topics, which were asked by kids from Colleen King’s class and across the country. Extremely useful for parents coaching their kids or those who are homeschooled, videos included in this section include topics in numbers and their properties, arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percent, ratio and proportion, measurement and data, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and dozens of sub-topics. is open for collaborations with other math game designers. The website can be accessed without spending a cent, since it earns through advertisement revenues. The great thing about the ads though is that Math Playground chooses most of the ads to be displayed, so you’re sure kids can work on their math skills without clicking any external links to adult websites or other dangerous content.

The main goal of Math Playground is to make kids more comfortable and confident about their math skills and developing a positive attitude towards math and its concepts. Through the online math games, challenging word problems, engaging logic puzzles and useful math videos offered by, you and your child can learn or review math topics that are hard to explain otherwise.

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