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Funbrain is a website projecy created for kids studying preschool through grade 8. In 1997, Pearson’s Family Education Network launched offering hundreds of educational games, comics and online books without charge. The site helps kids develop skills in math, problem solving, literacy and reading.

A Review:

There are several sections featured on

  • Flash Arcades – This section features the Math Arcade, Reading, Arcade and Playground.
    • Math Arcade – This game looks like a game board with numerous mini games, such as the Bumble Numbers wherein you have to get the corresponding answer of a math problem and deliver it into its respective equation. Other mini games include the Moon Rocks wherein you need to click asteroids to see either a math equation or a solution that you need to memorize and match, as well as the Pig Toss Funbrain Arcade Educational Playgroundwherein you need to estimate the weight and height of a person to be able to toss a pig on the other side of a cliff.
    • Mad Libs Junior – Four versions of Mad Libs Junior (Alphabet, School Rules!, Prehistoric and Once Upon a Mad Libs Junior) are available, but all of them work by filling in the blanks using a given set of words. You will then be asked to choose either a noun, verb, adjectives, plural noun, etc. When done, you’ll be able to read a short story filled with the words you chose. You can move on to another story or print it out.
    • Arcade – Similar to the Math Arcade, you’ll have to complete several mini games to move your piece on the game board. However, the arcade is not focused on math or any other subject. The purpose of the arcade is to keep kids entertained during learning breaks.
    • Playground – In this section, you’ll see 20 characters in a single page. You can click each of these cartoon and play different games, such as targeting canons with fish to feed the crocodiles, collecting falling apples with a bird’s mouth, diving underwater to get treasure without being eaten by sharks, catching fish, and many more.
  • Classic Funbrain – This section of the Funbrain has numerous games a kid can enjoy. The games are divided into mathematics and language (words) categories, with several science-oriented games in the mix. Examples of math games include the Math Baseball, MathCar Racing, Power Football and Tic Tac Toe Squares, among others. Word games include The Plural Girls, Spellaroo, Grammar Gorillas and Word Turtule, among others.

All games included in this section each have a corresponding skill/subject to teach – Proton Don (periodic table of elements), The Piano Player (musical notes), Web Master (HyperText Markup Language or HTML), Who is That? (identifying famous people), The Space Hopper Game (constellations), Guess the Color (mixing colors), Oddball (identifying what object is the odd one out), Entrapment (strategy), and Weather Dog (weather), among others.

  • Web books and Comics – This section has several books, which included the book version of the movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney. The digital books feature kid-friendly text and comics. Other books kids can read are “Amelia Writes Again,” “Brewster Rockit,” “Silent Kimbly” and “On the Rocks.”

  • Movies – The movie section leads to the website, where kids and parents can find games, activities, movie reviews, and kid-friendly TV show guide.

  • Funblog – also has a blog fit for girls and boys. “The Scoop” blog was created for girls aged 6 to 9, while “That’s So Random” are for older girls aged 10 and up. Boys also get in on the action – with “Loose Gears” for age 6 to 9, and “The Jump Off” for boys aged 10 and up. also has a section for teachers. It includes a Game Finder, a Curriculum Guide, Flash Cards and Standards Finder (activities based on the McREL standards). If a household or school has no stable internet connection, parents or teachers can download Funbrain games and save it on a computer for future use.

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