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Launched by the creator of, is a website specially designed for kids aged 12 and below to learn mathematics easily through age-appropriate lessons and challenging games. has several sections kids and parents can explore:

Lessons/Practice – Introducing kids to arithmetic has never been easy with CoolMath4Kids lessons on addition, subtraction, time tables, fractions, lattice multiplication and long division. This section encourages parents to get involved with kids as they learn how addition and subtraction works, learn about the Yardstick Arithmetic, and quiz using printable, colored flash cards. Kids can also play games such as the Number Monster and Timernator.

Geometry/Art – This section introduces kids to geometry and art works that can be made through these shapes. It includes lessons on tessellations and polyhedral galleries, which explain how they are used on day-to-day scenarios and how students can use them to make artwork. The Fractal gallery has tons of fractal examples, the fractal generator, online fractal jigsaw puzzles and interactive fractals.

Math Games – The games included in this section are handpicked by creator Karen Lyn Davis, a mathematics teacher of 14 years with a B.S. and M.S. degree in Mathematics. The great thing about games like B-Cubed, Construction Fall, CiviBalls, Gluey and others is that they seem easy at first, but become harder as you progress through stage. All of these games make kids think, regardless of the subject being taught (math, logic, shapes, etc). The CoolMath4Kids game section features over 175 games, which are categorized into shapes/colors, logic, memory, strategy, skill, numbers, word games, quizzes and games for little kids. Mazes, coloring pages and jigsaw puzzles are included in this section.

Puzzles – has two types of puzzle games – the Brain Benders and the online jigsaw puzzles at The Brain Benders includes tons of animated logic puzzles, genius tests, alphabet soup, geometry puzzles, find the numbers game and a whole lot more.

All lessons on are explained in easy-to-understand language, basic graphics and age-appropriate examples. The website also features other fun activities, such as the Monster Mind Reader, the online calculator, “cool things” you can do with math, and the CoolMath coloring book. also recommends links from the, website that kids and parents may find useful. If your child is getting ready for school for the first time, a section called “Get Ready For Kindergarten” helps parents find ways how to incorporate math with day-to-day situations, such as dressing up, eating, reading, cooking, and counting as kids play. Another link you’ll see regularly is the “Spike’s Game Zone,” which the creator recommends for kids in need of non-math, but still kid-friendly games.

Aside from plenty of activities kids can learn with the website, CoolMath4Kids also has sections for both teachers and parents to use as resource, which include tons of quizzes, printable flash cards, tips on teaching kids, as well as “Karen’s Tricks of the Trade.” is free to use. The website earns through advertising, so that learners don’t have to pay for this awesome service.

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