Cybersafety Outreach

Cyber safety programs are usually included in a school’s annual event. It introduces basic internet safety tips, techniques and information, shared by law enforcement officers, teachers, kids, parents and industry experts. If your child’s school does not provide seminars for cyber safety, or outreach programs available are held far from where you live, you and your child don’t need to go far. Plenty of online cyber safety resources are available for you. Here are some of the most useful websites: […] Read more »

EmbedPlus Embedding Videos Like a Boss

The web is filled with many educational videos that teachers can use to enrich their lessons and share over course blogs and wikis. EmbedPlus has launched a free service that could be useful to teachers wishing to upgrade such videos with enhanced playback and content.  Given a YouTube link and a few seconds, EmbedPlus’ first release applies APIs to instantly generate special embed code that adds features like: DVD-like controls, third-party annotations, real-time Internet reactions, and more.  Below are a […] Read more »

Networks to Knowledge

Networks ans Social Networks are becoming more and more important in education either. Today internet features all kind of social networks from flower sellers to astronauts. What actually matters is to get like minded people in a place where they can share their ideas and insights, this helps them to grow the industry higher and higher. Setting up a smaller network like facebook can be done easily in minutes if you know the right things to do and maintaining it […] Read more »

Online Accounting PhD

Accounting represents the art of transmitting important financial type of information about all sorts of businesses to various users such as managers. Accountants are very important in this way, because they are the ones who are specialized in dealing with important financial data and the way in which it should be used. Everyone is interested somehow in all sorts of business areas for various reasons nowadays. In this way, it is essential to mention that it is possible for those […] Read more »


Russian is a language spoken by over 285 million people worldwide, making it the fifth most spoken language after Hindi, Spanish, English and Mandarin. Learning how to speak in the Russian language can be intimidating at first, but it is possible with practice. If you are committed to learn the language, be warned that the Cyrillic alphabet may look daunting at first, but will come naturally after several months of learning. Once you’re ready to take on the Russian language, […] Read more »

Sheppard Software – The Biggest Free Child Education Game Center

Sheppard Software is founded by game designer/programmer Brad Sheppard, who has been creating educational software since 1982. Now, a small group of people run that include Sheppard, a web designer, a voice talent, an educational consultant, a flash programmer and a software consultant. Their goal is to create online games and educational software that makes learning “fun,” and that exercises a child’s brain through challenging games. is considered the biggest free children’s educational game center for a reason. […] Read more »

Cool Math 4 Kids – Playful Math Games

Understanding Math in a Fun Way through Launched by the creator of, is a website specially designed for kids aged 12 and below to learn mathematics easily through age-appropriate lessons and challenging games. has several sections kids and parents can explore: Lessons/Practice – Introducing kids to arithmetic has never been easy with CoolMath4Kids lessons on addition, subtraction, time tables, fractions, lattice multiplication and long division. This section encourages parents to get involved with kids as they learn […] Read more »