Greenland Symposium

Learn about Greenland Symposium use it for essays and school projects this beautyful place will show you plenty hidden secrets you’re eager to hear about.

A sparse population of less than 60,000 people brave living in this ice-covered world.  Few have the chance to travel and explore the world misnamed by Eric the Red in the 10th century.  Though some records suggest that 10th century Greenland might really have been green, legends recount a story that indicates that Eric the Red fibbed.  It is believed that he thought people could be enticed to travel to this barren land if the land had a name that sounded lush and warm.  Modern-day Greenland is neither lush nor warm.

An educator and videographer took a “once-in-a-lifetime” trip to this popsicle island to attend the 2007 Greenland Space Science Symposium (GSSS).  A Greenland blog chronicles the six-day symposium. This website captures images of travels to the ice cap and Kellyville radar facility.  Video clips of interviews with scientists, professors, and students attending GSSS are also found at this site.

Each interview includes answers to questions asked by students about space weather, auroras, Earth’s magnetic field, and other ways that the Sun affects our Earth.  Students also wanted to know more about life in Greenland.  And each scientist described some highlights of their careers, breaking the stereotypes that trap scientists in dark, musty labs.

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