Lesson Plans By Technology

Technology touches the lives of most people today, yet the educational system hasn’t fully taken advantage of new medium and technology in classroom learning. If used properly, technology can help students acquire necessary skills to survive our highly technological economy.

Benefits of Using Technology-based Lessons

Kids today generally learn how to use the computer and the Internet by themselves, but incorporating technology into day-to-day classroom activities can provide long-term benefits to the students and benefit teachers in more ways than one. Here are reasons why teachers should use technology in teaching:

1. Challenge – Learning educational materials equipped with technological tools provide students a way to be challenged intellectually.

2. Supports visual learners – Incorporating imaging, photography, and graphics into lectures allow visual learners to understand concepts easily.

3. Develop problem-solving skills – Through online games and web-based projects, kids can improve their analysis skills, while being entertained.

4. Unlimited resources – The internet has a vast information in almost any subject under the sun. Using web resources on a classroom setting provides students with a more appealing and age-appropriate lecture that keeps their attention glued, which in turn, reduces behavioral problems of students in the classroom.

5. Improve Imagination and collaboration – When paired with technology tools, the project-learning approach gives students way to work in groups effectively and understand lessons in graphic ways.

Aside from students, teachers can also benefit from using technology in the classroom because it enhances teacher-student relationship, and turn traditional lesson plans into a modernized version. Interested in trying out some technology lesson plans? See samples below:

Technology Lesson Plan Samples

Internet Lesson Plans

Computer Programs Lesson Plans

Online Safety Lesson Plans

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