Learn More About Using Our Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are available on hundreds of websites that cater to homeschooling, traditional and even virtual teaching. These educational materials come in a wide plethora of subjects, such as learning English to project-based learning, group work lessons, science lesson plans, lessons for K12 students and a whole lot more. Most of these materials are available without charge, but some may require a small fee. Many educational companies, such as National Geographic and Discovery Channel, as well as government agencies (such as the Library of Congress) provide lesson plans for teachers.

If you’re looking for lesson plans to use, the easiest way is to make a web search about the detailed lesson you need. Searching using the terms “free lesson plans” will bring up thousands results of websites that match what you need. To ensure the results are customized to your needs, you can also include the specific grade level or age group. For instance, if you need a grade 3 math lesson plan, all you must do is search for the terms “grade 3 math lesson plan.”

Some of the most popular lesson plan websites include:

1) Thinkfinity (http://www.Thinkfinity.org) – Developed by the Verizon Foundation, this website offers a wide range of resources in the Arts, social studies, reading and writing, science, math, and other subjects. Thinkfinity caters to both teachers and parents who home school their kids, while providing children with educational activities, homework help, games, and other kid-friendly, after-school activities. The lesson plans and worksheets compiled by Thinkfinity are aligned with national standards.

2) Curriki – (http://www.curriki.org) – With over 20,000 resources in social studies, English, arts, math and science while incorporating technology, Curriki focuses on collaborative lesson plans. The website also encourages user contributions and reviews.

3) Edutopia – (http://www.edutopia.org) – Designed for parents new to homeschooling or amateur teachers, Edutopia focuses on explaining how each lesson styles work to cater to individual learning styles of children. Most of the resources available on the website involve comprehensive assessment, cooperative learning and integrated studies.

4) NeoK12 (http://www.neok12.com) – Teachers looking to include multimedia with lesson plans can take advantage of more than 2,500 kid-friendly educational videos on NeoK12. It focuses on science, language arts, math, social studies, history, and other subjects, with over 140 topic areas available to date.

5) PBL Online (http://www.pbl-online.org) – The Project-Based Learning website provides lesson plans focused in problem-based and project-based learning. Hosted by the Buck Institute for Education, the PBL Online offers 60 semester-long projects teachers and parents can use as is or customized based on their needs.

If you’re looking for more resources, LearningReviews.com (http://www.learningreviews.com/Lesson-Plans.html) can help you check out websites that provide some of the best lesson plans online. Developed by Heidi Reina, M.S., Ed., LearningReviews.com rates, ranks, reviews and features both paid and free lesson plan websites.