Sheppard Software – The Biggest Free Child Education Game Center

Sheppard Software is founded by game designer/programmer Brad Sheppard, who has been creating educational software since 1982. Now, a small group of people run that include Sheppard, a web designer, a voice talent, an educational consultant, a flash programmer and a software consultant. Their goal is to create online games and educational software that makes learning “fun,” and that exercises a child’s brain through challenging games. is considered the biggest free children’s educational game center for a reason. […] Read more »

Cool Math 4 Kids – Playful Math Games

Understanding Math in a Fun Way through Launched by the creator of, is a website specially designed for kids aged 12 and below to learn mathematics easily through age-appropriate lessons and challenging games. has several sections kids and parents can explore: Lessons/Practice – Introducing kids to arithmetic has never been easy with CoolMath4Kids lessons on addition, subtraction, time tables, fractions, lattice multiplication and long division. This section encourages parents to get involved with kids as they learn […] Read more »

Math Playground – Educational Math Games For Kids

Developed in 2002 by math teacher Colleen King for her students in class, Math Playground has turned into an extensive resource for kids to learn mathematical equations, enhance problem-solving skills, and be acquainted with real world math in an enjoyable atmosphere. offers several types of content – online math games, word problems, logic puzzles, and math videos – all handpicked for middle school and high school kids. Math Games – The games featured on MathPlayground seems easy, but they […] Read more »

Funbrain – Educational Games in One Playground

Funbrain is a website projecy created for kids studying preschool through grade 8. In 1997, Pearson’s Family Education Network launched offering hundreds of educational games, comics and online books without charge. The site helps kids develop skills in math, problem solving, literacy and reading. A Review: There are several sections featured on Flash Arcades – This section features the Math Arcade, Reading, Arcade and Playground. Math Arcade – This game looks like a game board with numerous […] Read more »

Cool Math – Coolest Math Games for Kids

Math Made Fun with CoolMathis a website dedicated to making math education as enjoyable as possible for kids and teens. Launched in the spring of 1997, the website has grown to be the favorite resource among confused, bored and frustrated middle and high school students who hate math. For parents who don’t know what to do with kids having trouble with algebra, geometry, or other branches of mathematics, here are several reasons why you need to introduce your kids […] Read more »

Starfall – Premier provider of free educational games for kids is an educational website launched in September 2002 as a free public service to help educators and parents teach children to read with phonics. All games, lessons, songs and other activities all use the systematic phonics approach aimed at preschool, kindergarten, first and second grade, homeschool, special education and even English language development. Contents of is produced by Brandi Chase and a team of volunteer artists, educators, musicians, animators and engineers. A History: It’s a Family Thing! […] Read more »

Dance Mat Typing – Coolest Online Typing Game (BBC Dance Mat Typing)

Dance Mat Typing: Free Online Typing Game for Kids below 12 Dance Mat Typing, run by BBC, is an introduction to typing with age-appropriate cartoon characters and voices aimed at teaching kids aged 7 – 11 years old the correct hand and finger placement, proper ergonomics and speed typing. Using computers in school for reports or in the classroom is inevitable. The new generation of kids will be exposed to the computer whether parents like it or not. Although the […] Read more »