EmbedPlus Embedding Videos Like a Boss

The web is filled with many educational videos that teachers can use to enrich their lessons and share over course blogs and wikis. EmbedPlus has launched a free service that could be useful to teachers wishing to upgrade such videos with enhanced playback and content.  Given a YouTube link and a few seconds, EmbedPlus’ first release applies APIs to instantly generate special embed code that adds features like: DVD-like controls, third-party annotations, real-time Internet reactions, and more.  Below are a […] Read more »

Networks to Knowledge

Networks ans Social Networks are becoming more and more important in education either. Today internet features all kind of social networks from flower sellers to astronauts. What actually matters is to get like minded people in a place where they can share their ideas and insights, this helps them to grow the industry higher and higher. Setting up a smaller network like facebook can be done easily in minutes if you know the right things to do and maintaining it […] Read more »

Everything You need to know about Online Safety

You may just be sitting on your computer table in the comfort of your own home, but you and your computer can be in danger. Although the Internet is a very useful tool that provides every bit of information on the tip of your hands, the web also has its dark side filled with viruses, malwares, hackers, adult content and malicious people who are looking for a chance to steal your personal information. Fortunately, you can practice several online safety […] Read more »

Imaging – Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop, GIMP

Everyone uses digital imaging these days, from as simple as teens taking photos from their mobile phones to as high-tech as hobbyists using digital SLR cameras to capture their favorite subject, such as landscapes or people. With the release of various handheld gadgets that feature a camera and online mediums such as Facebook that provide a way to share photos quickly, more and more people are using digital imaging in their daily lives. Digital imaging is a process used in […] Read more »

Discovering The Internet – Internet Tools And Help

The internet (simply known as “net”) is a vast information resource. It is a network of computers from around the world connected to each other through satellites, telephone lines and cables. You can find virtually anything in the internet, including stores, newspapers, bill payment gateways, TV programs, sports scores and a wide range of information in different media – from pictures to videos to text. For your computer to connect to the internet, you’ll need an ISP (internet service provider), […] Read more »

Webpage Creation Lesson

A webpage or web page is any page of a website that is accessed through a web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. This page is usually in the XHTML or HTML format. Web page creation may seem hard and pretty intimidating to non-techie people, but anyone can achieve this by simply following directions. You will be faced with technical terms every now and then, but remember that a web search is just a click away and layman […] Read more »

Digital Ethics

The internet provides various information from anything under the sun, whether you’re looking for details about computer programming or copywriting, to checking out pictures of a particular beach resort. Although videos, pictures and articles are within your reach with just a click of a web search, the digital era still follow ethics. This article will teach you the basic digital etiquette, such as copyright, fair use, spamming, and spotting scams, misinformation and hoaxes. Copyright Some people believe that since a […] Read more »