The Secret of Time Management

Time management is an important aspect of anyone’s life, even for students, professionals or business owners. Managing one’s time properly can increase productivity in work, save on company expenses, and find balance from work/school and other things in life. Hundreds of books, workshops, planners, to-do-list programs and classes are developed to train people about proper time management, yet people still feel the stress of deadlines, cramming for studies, and other shortcomings that may occur due to lack of time. The […] Read more »

What is Problem Based Learning?

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a type of non-traditional classroom learning wherein instructors use open-ended problems so that students can work through the topic to arrive at solutions. Unlike traditional educational techniques, problem-based learning does not involve lectures, exercises and assignments. Instead, students learn the subject by discovering answers and working with the content provided by instructors to solve the problem. This helps students acquire problem solving skills, independent thinking and other necessary skills. Origins of Problem-Based Learning The problem-based learning […] Read more »

Cybersafety Outreach

Cyber safety programs are usually included in a school’s annual event. It introduces basic internet safety tips, techniques and information, shared by law enforcement officers, teachers, kids, parents and industry experts. If your child’s school does not provide seminars for cyber safety, or outreach programs available are held far from where you live, you and your child don’t need to go far. Plenty of online cyber safety resources are available for you. Here are some of the most useful websites: […] Read more »

Lesson Plans By Technology

Technology touches the lives of most people today, yet the educational system hasn’t fully taken advantage of new medium and technology in classroom learning. If used properly, technology can help students acquire necessary skills to survive our highly technological economy. Benefits of Using Technology-based Lessons Kids today generally learn how to use the computer and the Internet by themselves, but incorporating technology into day-to-day classroom activities can provide long-term benefits to the students and benefit teachers in more ways than […] Read more »

Using The XO Laptop

The XO Laptop, also known as 100-dollar laptop or Children’s Machine, is an affordable laptop developed by the non-profit organization One Laptop Per Child with a goal of distributing these computers to children in developing countries. The XO Laptop was made available to the U.S. market on November 12, 2007 as part of the “Get One, Give One” promo that encourages consumers to buy one laptop and donate the second laptop to a child in the developing world at $399 […] Read more »

Cybersafety Videos

Videos For a Safer Online Experience Computers are available at home, in classrooms, at their friends’ home and almost everywhere kids go. Children today are exposed to the internet and parents don’t have a choice than to go with the flow, allowing kids to surf the web even without supervision. However, since the internet is also home to different kinds of dangers – from computer viruses, to stalkers and identity theft, sexual predators to cyber bullies, it is important to […] Read more »

Nia Holistic Fitness

Nia Fitness (formerly known as Non-Impact Aerobics, now Neuromuscular Integrative Action) is a combination of Eastern and Western styles that blends these nine movement forms – yoga, Tai Chi, jazz, tae kwon do, aikido, Duncan dance, Alexander technique and the Feldenkrais method – into one. Sometimes referred to as aerobic yoga, Nia is a type of non-impact fitness training that delivers whole-body conditioning and cardiovascular aerobic exercise. It is practiced barefoot to increase stability of participants. Pronounced “nee-uh,” Nia classes […] Read more »